FoxClocks for Firefox 4

A new version of FoxClocks is awaiting approval from the editors at; you can download it here, or wait for it to be approved, at which point Firefox should automatically download the new version.

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Andy McDonald is the developer of FoxClocks. You can reach him by e-mail at: (his first name)(at)(this domain).

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8 Responses to FoxClocks for Firefox 4

  1. Status bar does not show up in firefox4. Therefore cannot view.

  2. Arggh. How can I set up Foxclocks to show up somewhere in Firefox 4? Foxclocks is my most-used extension!

    justposted says:

    There is no longer a status bar as such, but if you right click on a toolbar you can turn on the “add on bar”, which is pretty much the same thing and brings Foxclocks back. Shame it is right-aligned, but I can live with that.

    The Status-4-Evar add-on brings back more of the old status bar functionality.

  3. Thanks so much! I love FoxClocks! (I use it to keep a UTC clock in Firefox because I view lots of weather data, which is all in UTC time.)

  4. I’m always missing International video or audio conferences! I may get 3 different meetings at 3 different time zones, and I have to convert them to my own time zone, so I can put them on my calendar. I spend too much time figuring out each of those different times in the future, which is complicated because parts of the day are one day, and parts, another day!

    I would like to input the data given to me at their time zone for the meeting, and have FoxClocks automatically convert to my time frame, and help me put it on my calendar, whether Sunbird, or thunderbird.

  5. Great addon – however it makes Firefox 4 slow on startup –
    Hopefully the next release will attempt to solve the problem, otherwise a very useful addon.

  6. Hi,
    and thanks for this nice extension.

    I don’t know where to post this bug report, so I’ll do it just here :D

    There seems to be a conflict between FoxClocks 2.7.82 and FireBug 1.7.x on FF4.
    The FB console commands do not work on page refresh anymore until a restart of the browser, then it will work for one time only, until a new restart of the browser, etc….

    This surfaced while debugging an ExtJS4 App.

    Disabling FoxClocks solves the issue.

  7. Still having problems with Firefox not remembering to display FoxClocks in the toolbar upon restarts. Have checked in Windows Vista Task Mgr for a FF “ghost process” and have not been able to identify one. FoxClocks worked just as it should until I downloaded the last 2 new versions of FireFox– I am now FF version 5.0…

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