St John’s, Newfoundland was hit by a major winter storm a couple of days ago (Feb. 19th-20th), and I had the privilege to arrive in its immediate aftermath. Here are a few images from St. John’s today, Wednesday the 21st.

40cm of fresh snow in the streets of St. John’s
40cm of fresh snow in the streets of St. Johns

Ploughed in
Ploughed in

Virgin stairs
Virgin stairs

Wind-blown icicles
Wind-blown icicles

Snow-blown ads in a window
Snowy ads in a window

One of St. John’s many alleys
One of St. John's many alleys

White, green and yellow
Doorway and drift

Signal Hill, closer to London than Vancouver
Signal Hill - closer to London than Vancouver

Another street-scene
Another street scene

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9 Responses to GMT-3½

  1. Beautiful pictures!

  2. yeah, amazing pictures.
    keep the good work!

    pete elsworth says:

    reminds me of 1947 in sheffield

  3. I don’t know who the photographer is, but they do good work.

  4. Hey Andy!!

    your pictures are great!!! i’m in ontario right now for some school interviews this weekend. i haven’t had a chance to post any of my pictures from mike’s and my trip yet, but once i do i’ll be sure to let you know so you can take a look.


    a and A estrada says:

    what amazing shots- i especially love the ice pix. thanks for sharing them.

  5. andy – superb pictures – can’t believe you didn’t show me these before you pointy-hat-wearing elf ;~)

    I will have to drop several kilos of carbon and come visit sometime … maybe even this year

    white, green, and yellow is a great composition btw; ok enough digital graffiti

  6. Greate! Like Syberia where i live :))

  7. Haha, this is amazing, I’ve actually lived in houses in some of those pictures. And all snowed in, yup that was a big one. It was all gone again a few weeks later, and then it came back and then melted again. Freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw, that’s St. John’s in the winter ;)

    Great pics!

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